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Our range of quality jerky was developed by real meat enthusiasts like you. If there’s one thing they know, it’s good meat. But they also know a lot about football and the geography of Western Wisconsin.
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All Of The Sizes

There’s no such thing as too much jerky, but there are times when you need a bag that fits in your pocket. That’s why our delicious jerky comes in three sizes.


10 oz

For those times you need a little extra. Like road trips, double shifts, and Saturdays.


7.2 oz

The optimal size for meat enthusiasts and bears.*


3.1 oz

For child appetites and pocket carrying convenience.

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Some Things About Us

World Kitchens exists to provide high-quality, high-flavor meat products at attractive prices. We offer a line of jerky that is made from the finest ingredients, is competitively priced, and appeals to a broad range of consumers (see our testimonials for proof!).

Sometime Before 1984

First bag of quality World Kitchens jerky sold at an affordable price.

About 18.5 Years Later

Still selling quality World Kitchens jerky at an affordable price.

Couple Months Ago

Fancy new packaging released.

(Pretty Historically Accurate Timeline of events)


We know what you’re going to ask, so for your convenience we have all the answers to your questions right here.

What is the shelf life of my unopened World Kitchen product?

The shelf life of an unopened World Kitchens product is over one year. In order to experience optimal color, flavor, aroma, and texture, the product should be consumed prior to the date printed on the package. Once you open the package, it is important to reseal it completely between uses. Cool storage conditions may help to extend shelf life.

How would you describe the texture of your jerky?

Our jerky is somewhat soft while still being chewy. It is definitely not dried out and tough. We get about as many compliments on our texture as our flavor.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with your product?

We've never actually received this question, but we did see it on a competitor's website. If you are for some reason not satisfied with our jerky, please email us or call us at 715-466-6607.

Are you interested in receiving customer comments?

Yes, we are very interested in your feedback. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 715-466-6607.

Where can I buy World Kitchens products?

We are proud of the fact that sales of World Kitchens jerky continue to be very strong, and it is becoming available in more parts of the country. If you scroll back up the page a bit you’ll find a list of the retailers that sell World Kitchens products.

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People that eat our product love us. Seriously, they are constantly talking about us and sending us fan letters. Here’s the proof.

“The best beef jerky in the world! It's tender and full of flavor. We've told all our friends and family and now we're ordering enough to share. Thanks for producing such a great product.”

Jeannie - Ruston, LA

“I'm a soldier currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Your jerky is the best on the planet. Thanks, the US Army loves you guys!”

Bobby - Iraq

“I have bought all the jerky brands. There is no jerky that comes close to the texture and flavor of this jerky.”

Juan - Selma, CA

“Undeniably the best beef jerky I have had. It is a welcome stocking stuffer and birthday gift.”

Dianna - Davenport, IA

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your beef jerky. Last year I was on a backpack trip and we had a jerky competition. World Kitchens won hands down!”

Charles - Vancouver, WA

“Excellent jerky. Great Taste, texture, freshness, and price. I make my own jerky, but for the value, I am buying yours.”

Mitch - Oak Ridge, TN
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We love hearing from our customers. You can reach us through any of the following means — unless it’s a complaint, in which case you can fax us.


World Kitchens
P.O. Box 39
Underwood, IA 51576


P: 715.466.6607

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